vpintel_paul_INTEL-Intel has a lot on the line this week as the chip maker hosts the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco starting Tuesday. So it’s an opportune time to catch up with the company’s CEO, Paul Otellini, and to pepper him with questions about Windows 8, the future of the personal computer, the rise of tablets, and the course that Intel has charted for itself.

Otellini wouldn’t give us a scoop on the company’s next-generation Core processor for Ultrabooks (code-named Haswell). But Otellini did address—and dispel—the myth that we now live in a post-PC world. He also outlined Intel’s mobile ambitions, and discussed the innovations that Intel will drive in the years ahead.

Otellini has served as Intel’s CEO since 2005 and has been with the company since 1974. What follows is an edited Q&A session that I conducted with him earlier this month.

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