I’ve been in lockdown here in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, six miles from the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Watertown, Mass. Most years, I pay little attention to the Boston Marathon. Now, as the active manhunt takes place just miles from my home, I’m glued to my social networks and TV.

My local Facebook and Twitter friends (some who live just blocks from the house of the Boston Marathon bomber suspects) help paint a more complete picture of how Monday’s bombing and ensuing manhunt have impacted my community.

I watch, slack-jawed, as a raging river of #BostonBombing, #Watertown and #Manhunt tweets fill my Twitter feeds. My neighbors in Watertown have posted disturbing images of SWAT teams perched on roofs with guns drawn, police brigades accompanied by armored vehicles patrolling residential streets and live UStream video feeds of the scene outside a Watertown homeowner’s front door.

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