You want to have a horrible conversation? Try asking Google Search a question. If Google can, it will reply back with a spoken word response. Now go ahead and ask a follow-up question. You might get a reply, but the odds are good Google will serve up the virtual equivalent of a blank stare.


Don’t be too hard on Google. You might also want to mark your Google Calendar, because it will be the first time you ever had a conversation with a search engine.

Google updated its desktop Chrome browser Wednesday, adding to it a new impressive feature called “conversational search.” The feature is also available via Google’s Mobile Search App on Android. Google says Chrome for iPhone and iPad, with voice search, is coming soon.

The technology was previewed last week at Google I/O. The feature is available now, but is very rough. If you’re expecting a conversation what you’ll get instead, if you’re lucky, is a brief question and answer session at best.

Over the next months and years, Google’s “conversational search” will improve and will change search as we know it. Who knows, maybe the next generation of Internet searchers will look at us funny when we tell them about how we googled with keywords and boolean search techniques.

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