Did you hear the one about the Google Glasshole that walks into a bar? I don’t have a punch line here, but you’ve heard the jokes. On Wednesday expect Google co-founder Sergey Brin to use the Google I/O’s keynote as a venue to put some much needed shine back onto his Internet-connected eyewear Google Glass. But this year expect Brin’s fist pumping to be far more subdued compared to his 2012 I/O keynote with Glass-toting stuntmen parachuting onto the Moscone Center roof.

All eyes will be on Google and Brin to respond to criticism that Glass is an out-of-touch “Segway for your face,” but also to tell the world what’s next for Google Glass. Here’s a quick rundown of speculation of what is likely from Google’s Glass team at I/O this week.

Not a Glass-Centric I/O Conference

The tech world has collectively rolled its eyes in response to Google’s in-our-face Glass marketing and the hyperventilating by early adopters. Expect less pomp and circumstance and less Glass period this week. Google has only dedicated four Developer Sessions for Glass compared to 15 for Google Maps and 48 sessions for Chrome and Apps.
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